State of The Art Metal Fabrication
For all your metal fabrication services and production needs, take advantage of our wide experience and expertise combined with the superior facilities and equipment here at Langford Metal.
No Projects Too Small Or Too Big For Us
We have worked on many kinds of projects with numerous scales and complexity.
We are one of the largest sheet metal fabricators in Queensland!
We are based in Brisbane, Queensland but we serve clients all over Australia and the world.
Our New Brisbane Headquarters
Our new expanded premises on the same site. Come visit us.


We take the utmost pride in the quality of our products, the workmanship, commitment and attitude of our workforce.


You do not succeed in business for 50 years without the help of a dedicated, skilled workforce.


Our machinery is first class and with an ongoing expansion program we will be leaders of our industry well into the future.


Langford Metal Industries' Quality Assurance Program meets the requirements of ISO-9002 accreditation.


Looking at Langford Metal Industries today, it is hard to visualise the business in our early years. Currently occupying six buildings, on a company-owned site of about 10 thousand square metres at Eagle Farm, we are one of Queensland's largest fabricators and manufacturers of sheet metal products.


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    Our laser cutting can be applied to mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium up to 20mm thick.
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    Welding equipment of every description
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    All Sheet Metal Construction
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    We also provide other services such as computerised hole punching, press brake bending, guillotining, sandblasting, powder coating, electro polishing


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  • "Our ability to respond to demands beyond the capabilities of other companies is one reason we are successful. It's a major reason why so many of our customers have been with us for so long."白菜体验金娱乐白菜我要发送体验金的娱乐
  • We work extremely hard to remain competitive. We are more responsive, more productive and produce goods at a lower cost.
  • Many customers have been delighted with a product that far exceeded their expectations because they were happy to trust our expertise and try something new.